Our Services

30 Minute Massage – Focused on a specific problem area – this short but intensive session will provide you with much needed relaxation and relief! ($45)

45 Minute Massage – Sometimes you need more than a 30-minute session, but your lunch break is only so long.  This extended partial session allows for intensive focus on your trouble areas. ($60)

60 Minute Massage – Enjoy our signature massage, tailored to your specific needs and incorporating several massage modalities that may include Swedish, Deep Tissue, Trigger Point and Myofascial Release. ($75)

75 Minute Massage – All the benefits of a 60-minute session with those extra minutes everyone hopes for at the end. ($90)

90 Minute Massage – When one hour just isn’t enough, allow us to extend your massage by 30 minutes to work on those persistent trouble spots, or simply take the extra time to relax! ($100)

120 Minute Massage –  This is the perfect session for clients who have multiple areas that need focused attention or for those who require extra time to relax.  During this session there is time to address every area, offer stretching techniques and the opportunity for the nervous system to completely unwind. ($130)

Hot Stone Massage  – (Only available at the Denton Square Location) For this specialty service, smooth basalt stones are heated and incorporated into an incredibly relaxing Swedish massage to release and relieve tight and tired muscles, 90 minutes. ($115)

Prenatal Massage – For a mother-to-be, nothing could be more welcome than a relaxing massage! Special attention is paid to the lower back, hips and feet, and a supported, side-lying position is employed to offer the most comfortable experience possible! 60 minutes ($80)

Couple’s Massage (Only Available at the Denton Square location) – Enjoy a relaxing massage with someone special, 60 or 90 minutes. ($150/$200). To ensure availability of both therapists, please call to schedule an appointment.

Chair Massage (Only Available at Joyful Restoration Wellness) – Chair massage is a convenient way to address specific concerns and provide relaxation and relief on a tight schedule.  We would love to see you before or after another wellness therapy while at Joyful Restoration.  (20 minutes – $30 / 30 minutes – $45)